Trying to do good with ethical Web3 projects

So far through our projects we have donated a total of ETH

We are currently donating 0% of our profits to:

You can view the contract we use on Etherscan: 0xB361b7D4...

More details are available on our Charity page

Are you an artist that wants to explore Web3 and NFTs?

Leave it to us! We offer services that allow you to focus on creating, not on coding.


December 2021 | Inception

Vector37 DAO was conceived during Christmas 2021. The rise of NFTs and appearance of interesting, inspiring projects sparked the birth of a new creative and social endeavour.

January 2022 | Development

Vector37 DAO is being developed in stealth mode.

14th February 2022 | Vector37 DAO Reveal

Revel event where Vector37's Manifesto and mid-term Roadmap will be announced. We will start accepting proposals to work with artists.

25th March 2022 | NFT Launch

Launch event for our first NFT project

March 2022 | Soulbound NFTs Launched

Soulbound is a project born to allow communities to easily and economically create mintable, burnable, non-tradeable NFTs to recognize valuable members and contributors.

March 2022 | Minting platform goes live

Helping creators bring their projects to life with cheap contract deployments and tools for creation of generative art.


We have ambitious goals. We need your support.